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Tutt'a Post' - Neopolitan for It's All Good!

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About Us

Daniele Morra - Owner and operator of Tutt'a Post' Trattoria

Daniele Morra - Owner and operator of Tutt'a Post' Trattoria

My name is Daniele Morra.

Just to give you some background about ourselves, we have been in the restaurant industry for many years. My parents emigrated here from Italy with the dream of opening their own restaurant. That dream became a reality when they opened their first restaurant with my grandparents, Osteria Dei Nonni, in 1987.

It was located in Atwater Village and it became such a success that people were lining up to get in. In 1989 my parents "left the nest" to continue to broaden their experiences. Alongside his two brothers, my father opened another restaurant in Beverly Hills named Da Pasquale and had my mother and aunt teamed up to run the show in the kitchen.

Dad and I circa 199

Dad and I back in the day

In 1993 my father opened another restaurant in west Los Angeles with my uncle Tonino. It was named Toto Cafe. My uncle’s incredible pizza dough recipe and the experience that he got from known restaurants in Beverly Hills, such as Cafe Roma and Tivoli, allowed him to open up another successful restaurant with my dad yet again.

As the years went by, they won the hearts of hundreds of customers all over Los Angeles County with their authentic Italian recipes.

Pollo ripieno. Chicken breast stuffed with mozzarella, prosciutto and spinach.

Authentic traditional Neopolitan cuisine

I was born and grew up during this time in these restaurants. I continually saw the passion and hard work that my family put into it. Being exposed to this world early on led me to always be curious and eager to learn how everything was done.

The drive and determination my family had for this business instantly made me want to be a part of it as well. In 2007, my mother and father decided to start their own restaurant together in Culver City; Brunello Trattoria.

Caffe Tutt'a Post' Trattoria

Caffe Tutt'a Post' Trattoria

This served as a great opportunity for me to become more hands on with the restaurant business. I gradually worked my way up from the kitchen to managing, with hopes of one day opening my own restaurant. Due to our success with Brunello Trattoria, we will be keeping the same style and recipes, but just expanding to a different location. As Italians say, “Keep it in the family”

At only age 24 I opened up my own small place to keep the tradition alive! This business will remain family run and since everyone has loved our homemade recipes, we wanted to open a new location and share it with an even larger customer base.

About Pulcinella

The Mask of Pulcinella

There is a lot of historical information about Pulcinella and the mask of Pulcinella to be found online with a simple search. The information is interesting, but this does not reflect what is meant when a contemporary Neopolitan refers to the ‘Spirit of Pulcinella’.

By Internet Archive Book Images [No restrictions], via Wikimedia Commons

The humour of Italy; (1892)

The Spirit of Pulcinella reflects a state of mind... One where there is no thought of tomorrow, no worry about what will come. Only a deep and abiding joy in the ‘now’.

It is a celebration of friends and family. A celebration of the joys of food and drink. A time for humor and relaxation.

This is what Pulcinella and the Mask mean to us and we welcome you to join us in our celebrations!

[Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Engraving of Pulcinella in 1700 (1860) by Maurice Sand, found in Masques et bouffons: comédie italienne.

By F l a n k e r, Fale [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Naples coat of arms